[blockquote type=”left”]My goal is to help you discover a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. I believe the commitment to self-knowledge is the key to growth, fulfillment and, ultimately, inner peace.

– Barbara Tremblay

Barbara Tremblay - Connex CoachingAfter a long and successful business career, Barbara answered the call for a deeper level of purpose in her personal and professional life. Her journey of introspection, risk-taking, and action evolved into a new career as an international personal and corporate coach and the founder of Connex Coaching. Barbara is passionate about coaching people to be more of who they authentically are and, consequently, to create a more fulfilling and natural life.

In Montreal, Barbara began her career focused on her enduring passion for education and guidance. She worked as a specialized teacher for students with learning difficulties. Eventually, her desire for travel, adventure and growth won out and she relocated to Toronto. Moving to Toronto offered not only a chance to discover a new city but also the opportunity to pursue a different career. Barbara joined Nike, where she spent the following 17 years in various management roles in Canada and the European, Middle East and Africa headquarters in The Netherlands.

Barbara believes that we all have the opportunity for richer connections – with ourselves, with the other people in our lives, and with our natural surroundings. But that’s easier said than done in a world where many of us are living life on an endless treadmill of conflicting priorities and hectic schedules while our inner voice remains unheard. Barbara helps you slow down so you can tune in to that voice and begin your life of transformation.

In just one session, Barbara‚Äôs aim is to lift your spirits, challenge your thinking, and remove your blinders. Here’s how Barbara works: by asking probing questions to confront your fears and limiting beliefs, yet at the same time providing a sense of security and confidence so you can comfortably explore your assumptions about the world and yourself. With a holistic focus that combines your personal and professional selves, Barbara will guide your growth with a customized coaching program designed uniquely for you.

Barbara is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). She earned her accreditation from the Coaches Training Institute, commonly known as CTI, the oldest and largest in-person coach training organisation in the world. She is also an¬†International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Barbara holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Quebec, and studied post-graduate level political science at McGill University. She lives near Amsterdam with her son.

Some fun facts about Barbara’s background:

  • She spoke only French until the age of 27. She is now fluent in English and has a working knowledge of Dutch.
  • She is a former competitive figure skater and has run nine marathons.
  • Her favorite quote is Ghandi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you’re ready to live a rich, fulfilling, and purposeful life, connect with Barbara today.